9 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Blogging


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Why You Should Consider Blogging For Your Internet Business


Many internet business owners may have misconceptions or uncertainties as to the value of blogging for their internet business. Some of them mistakenly believed that to effectively implement a blog marketing platform, too much time and effort will be required and blogging will provide a little return on investment when compared to other promotional platforms.

Those business owners who use blogs to promote their internet business will agree that they are very simple to create and relatively very easy to maintain once they gain an initial comfort level and identify their blogging persona. Submitting a blog post will only take 10-30 minutes out of the day and the results are far-reaching and amazingly effective.


We mentioned in our previous post about the different blogging platforms:

wordpress (considered one of the most popular blogging platforms),








This blog currently runs on wordpress (through my webhosting company-Hostgator)

We will also expand on webhosting in  a later post.

These are the reasons why you should consider blogging for your internet business


A Blog Is An Excellent Avenue To Build A Network

A network is essential for every business. Every business requires an internal network connecting the divisions and an external network connecting consumers and other companies. Your internet business requires you stay in contact with so many individuals which may take large investments of time. But a regular blog, on the other hand, is quickly written to voice out your opinions, advice and so on, to several thousands of targeted readers in any place at any time.



Blogging Can Boost Your Company Visibility


In relation to networking, blogging can enhance the visibility of your internet business. With the help of blogging collaborating companies and customers can easily have access to your product and services when they’re in need of it.


Links are part of the benefits of using blogs to enhance the visibility of your internet business. On-site blogs can link to several areas within your site thereby increasing your internet business visibility. Later on, you may swap links with other high-traffic blogs to increase your traffic and search engine results


Blogging Will Help You Build Trust And Demonstrate Your Expertise


Creating quality contents on your blog will tremendously benefit your internet business by serving as an effective way to keep your customers up to date on issues concerning your business, addressing their concerns about your business, and also help them address problems they are facing in their own businesses as well.


It is important for you to provide real value on your blog so as to build trust with readers and potential prospects. The major aim of blogging is to provide readers regularly with useful content to provide a potential solution to their needs. Over time, your blog will become a reliable resource that provides useful information for readers to help them solve tough challenges, learn about new tools and resources that can advance their businesses.


Attract Relevant Traffic to Your Site


Traffic is an important ingredient for successful online marketing

Blogging can contribute greatly to the success of your internet business in that, when you create new blog posts with relevant and keyword-rich content, there will be an increase in your page rank and more traffic will be to your online business website.


In addition, each new post will add another indexed page to your business website and demonstrates to Google that your business website is active and is being frequently updated. Creating new blog posts frequently have a significant effect on traffic. According to surveys, it is said that companies that blog more than 15 times each month get 5times more traffic than companies without a blog.



Blogging-Low-Cost Marketing Channel

Another reason why you should consider blogging for your internet business is that blogging is a very low-cost marketing channel. Creating and maintaining a blog is very cheap and yet very effective as a means of promoting your internet business.



A blog can be easily built into your existing internet business website and can also be maintained for a very low cost at dedicated hosting sites present all over the web. it is recommended that every business should create their own blog domain for the purposes of their brand’s awareness.


Get Feedback from Customers



Customer satisfaction happy feedback rating checklist and business quality evaluation concept 

Through blogging, you can gain insight on what your customers and prospects are thinking about your product or services. When you create a new blog post encourage your readers to comment on your posts. Their comments will probably give you insights on your sales process, customer service, and suggestions on how to improve your product and services.


Blogging allows you to demonstrate how much you care about your consumers by actively engaging with them and addressing their concerns. This adds credibility to your company.



SEO Optimized Content



Businessman suggested effective ‘SEO’ optimisation approach. 

The success of your internet business depends greatly on contents. Adding a blog to your internet website will increase your featured contents and provides you another content source.


It is important to employ some essential tools like Google Keyword plannerHittail.com and Wordtracker.com, this tools will help you identify targeted keywords you can write some blog posts on. When your blog contains the necessary keywords, readers will quickly locate your blog for their needs, thereby promoting your internet business.



Supports your social media initiative

Blogging can support your company’s social media pages, as It is difficult to actively maintain a social media presence without access to high-quality and unique contents. You can share your highly-relevant blog contents on your social media and direct the leads to your internet business website. In addition to sharing your blog contents on your social media, blog posts can serve as contents for company’s email newsletters. Your readers would probably appreciate emails that highlight your best blog content over a period of time.



Builds authority in your industry

Blogging is important for your business website as it provides you an opportunity to establish your brand as an expert in the field you belong. A blog gives you a platform where you can share important information and insights. Blogging will help you build up authority in your niche, increasing trust and familiarity among your buyer and prospects.




Blog marketing is now a popularly known as one essential tool for successful internet business. The minimal cost, both in time-wise and finance, coupled with the unlimited potential for exposure and connection make blogging a no-lose proposition for your internet business.


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