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You’re Losing Money by Not using Affiliate Marketing!


I’ll make an effort to be as explicit as possible in these guides so that you will know what steps to take in order to be successful. Most of the advice you will receive here will be what I have done to get to where I’m at.



Affiliate marketing is a popular online business known as a mutually beneficial business partnership between a merchant and a website owner (affiliate) whereby the affiliate is paid for every client or visitor provided through his or her effort.



In any business, whether offline or online, you will need different essential tools and resources that can aid the successful running of your business. In online business especially affiliate marketing, there are some tools that are an absolute must have. This article will provide you details on essential tools required for successful affiliate marketing.



Create your Own Web Site

Affiliate Marketing

website will be on the web for others to find you


Having your own website is important to successful affiliate marketing. it is difficult to earn a substantial amount through affiliate marketing without your own site. All affiliate marketers need a website to serve as the FOUNDATION for all their Internet marketing efforts. For successful affiliate marketing, it is essential for you to create a credible and user-friendly website so as to attract visitors and prospects.



Your website contents must be of high quality, accurate, must reflect your business and must be built around the needs of your visitors. A perfect website with reliable contents, in form of articles or information from accredited sources, will make visitors trust you and the products you market.


Affiliate Marketing Training


To become a successful affiliate marketer, you need patience, dedication, hardwork and you need to take the right affiliate program training by professionals. Taking a good affiliate marketing training course by professionals will not only help you with essential tips and information but also teach you lots of priceless techniques that a marketing expert possess. For those of you who are new to the trade, an affiliate marketing course prevents you from adopting trial and error methods and simply teach you how to get excellent results.


A Comprehensive affiliate training program will provide you techniques and strategies used by experienced and successful affiliates. Save yourself time and efforts by educating yourself from professional’s experiences including both their mistakes and success


Domain Name

A good domain name for your affiliate marketing website is essential for your success in affiliate marketing. As you make your move to start online marketing, the first thing that you’ll likely do is to register a domain name for your money making website.


Choosing the best domain name or web address for your business website is one of the most important things that significantly determine your success in affiliate marketing. After all, your website is just like a shop window, so it is very important that you get it just right. Your domain name or web address should be something that your customers and visitors can easily remember, also your domain name should be as easy to spell as possible  Examples of where you can get domain name for your affiliate marketing website include:


Godaddy (This link is my affiliate link for Godaddy and if you sign up via this link, I will get a small commission to help this site stay online and continue providing tips. Also, in subsequent posts, we will talk about how to promote affiliate products on your blog.

Namecheap is another site that’s popular and sells domains.

 NameSilo is another one of them.


Web Hosting


A quality web hosting is required to host your domain so that you can display your affiliate marketing website. A shared web hosting plan that allows you to install multiple websites is a basic hosting need for affiliate marketing. The hosting must be able to handle a lot of bandwidth for the days when your website will experience a huge amount of visitors.


You also need to make sure that there aren’t any problems with the uptime and that you can always get useful support from them whenever you need it.  According to users’ experiences, Bluehost and Hostgator are the best web hosting providers known for their excellent uptime and affordable shared hosting, as well as their friendly and informative 24/7 online support.




There are lots of choices for building your affiliate marketing website, from simple drag and drop options like Weebly and Wix, to blogging applications like WordPress and Blogger. Tens of thousands of successful affiliate marketers uses and recommend WordPress for building affiliate marketing websites.


WordPress, which started originally as a blogging application, is now the choice of successful internet marketers as a website building solution because of it is very easy to use, very extendable, and because of its open source nature. Nothing seems to simplify the web building needs of an affiliate marketer than the almighty WordPress.


Advantages of using WordPress


Affiliate marketing

WordPress text 


Easy to operate – without any knowledge of any HTML coding, you can make changes to your website yourself.  Adding blog posts, pages, products, images and editing available content is easy to do on WordPress.


FasterWordPress offers a large variety of themes which you can be used for building your affiliate marketing website.  Using a theme will allow you cut down significantly on the amount of time it takes to actually build a website from scratch.


WordPress has the highest number of developers creating plugins and themes for it.  Therefore, there is a good chance that you will always find a plugin that will provide the feature you want.


WordPress made Search Engine Optimization simpler. There are several great search engine optimization tools available on WordPress.


E-commerce is available on WordPress Woocommerce is an e-commerce add-on to WordPress that allows users to easily build e-commerce websites.  Woocommerce is extremely effective for building e-commerce website because it makes it easy for you to update your products, sales, pricing, coupons. With Woocommerce, Building and e-commerce into your site have never been easier or more cost effective!



Disadvantages of Using WordPress


WordPress updates their software frequently If you use WordPress, you most frequently Update the software in order to keep the WordPress platform up to date with mobile devices and browsers and also to malware and virus attacks.


Content doesn’t always look right  When you make changes to your website by yourself through the visual tab, the content does not always flow the way you expect.


In conclusion, the benefits of building your affiliate marketing website on WordPress platform far outweigh the known disadvantages and therefore, it is recommended for you as an affiliate marketer to build your website on WordPress platform.




First things first. It is a system. Learn to be organized. As we unfold guide after guide, make sure you take a look at the previous guides to enable you stay on track with your business development and success.


  1. choose a domain that will portray good name for branding purposes. Some people choose to use their first and last names (for example:; while others


N/B: Let me impress something upon your mind: Rome was not truly built in a day and you’ll find that in creating your online empire, you’ll have to learn every day. You’ll learn all the tips and tricks to be successful. Once again I say “HAVE PATIENCE” and “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF


Stay tuned for our next useful guide on growing your online business empire.


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