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How To Promote Your Newly Created Website For Free Online


Your newly created website may be the best in the world, but without effective promotion and advertising, no one will know about it. Creating and launching your website on the Internet is not enough to assume everyone will know about it. In fact, nobody will know its existence if you do not use some effective promoting tools to promote it.


There are several ways available to effectively promote your newly created website. There are ways that will cost you some amount of money and ways that are absolutely free to employ. This article will provide you the most effective ways to promote your newly created website for free. Yes free!


Enlist your website on internet Directories

There are lots of websites that allow you to list your business or website for absolutely free. Enlisting your website on internet directories allows it to be found more easily. You can get your website enlisted by filling out the form for registering, and then verify your business through their confirmation process, which can be done either with a snail mail or phone call.
These are some of the most popular directories:
Google My Business
Biz Highway
• Manta.com
Bing Places for Business



Write a Complimentary Press Release

Writing a press release and getting it submitted through a Press Release service is one of the most effective ways to promote your newly created website. The press release service are similar to internet directories in that, they provides free basic press release submittal services There are dozens of websites out there that you can use for your press releases, they include:
24/7 Press Release.


Embrace Social Media

promote your newly created website

use social media to promote your business


Social media is a necessary time investment for every business to make. If you want to effectively promote your newly created website, then you must consider having a Google+ page, Facebook page, LinkedIn account and Twitter account. They’re the most significant social media websites on the web and each of these provides absolutely free listings on websites with very high Google page rankings.


You can create a business page on these platforms for free, this way you can tie in ads and offers on your Facebook page and have a direct channel to promote your website on Twitter like Networking on LinkedIn will get your new website noticed.



Promote Your Newly Created Website – Email Signature


Sending emails to thousands or even millions of targeted audience is one of the easiest, free of cost and effective techniques to promote your new website. Though most often overlook this technique. Every email you send should include a standard footer that describes your website by including the website name, an interesting title or something captivating about your new website.


Also, every email should contain a link that can easily connect the audience to your website, you can use a text anchor link or make it visible in text-based webmail browsers by spelling out the link. Emails get copied, forwarded and shared otherwise, the audience is reading and clicking. Your new website is getting noticed.



Promote Your Newly Created Website -Start A Blog

promote your newly created website

Businessman working with business gear to present online Marketing Concept

A blog not only an important tool in promoting your newly created website by getting its name out through your followers, but also an effective way to connect with your audience more directly. Part of the importance of blogging visibility has to do with the On-site blog links which can link readers to other areas within your newly created website.



It is important to build trust with readers and potential prospects by creating tons of real value contents based on their needs interest, find out what they need and then provide a potential solution. Also make sure you keep your blog contents updated as frequently as you can as a dormant, abandoned blog is worth nothing.


Join A Relevant Online Community And Contribute

Every niche has online communities that you can join. Sign up for a forum and actively contribute by posting nice and helpful comments, this way you will be able to build a connection with the community.


You can passively promote your newly created website by attaching your website link to your comment when the context is appropriate and relevant or you can put the link in your signature. Often you can link to your websites’ social media pages, like your website Facebook or Twitter page.
Dedicating 30 minutes a week to browse recent columns from your online communities and write purposeful remarks as comments will Gradually increase the visibility of your website by combining the value of your insights with the link back to your website.



Promote Your Newly Created Website-Focus on Quality Content

Out of all the ways to effectively promote your newly created your website, the best one is to focus on quality contents. Ask yourself, why are you writing posts for the readers? Are you providing them the correct information they want? or you are only focused on getting fresh contents on your website.


Creating quality content regularly is very important to your new website, and to your overall ranking. Provide high-quality contents that readers will want to read and share on their own blogs, websites, and social media.


Promote Your Newly Created Website-Make Banner Ads

Banner advertising is one of the popular methods used by companies to effectively drive traffic to their websites. It’s a good way to promote your newly created website by targeting potential customers and bringing them directly to your website when they click on the banner. For effective promotion using banner ads, it is important to use the right tactics.


The effective tactics include:

• Make sure your banner adverts attract attention – through an eye-catching animation, layout, and/or special offers
• Design high-quality banner adverts that enhance your brand image and, importantly, use banner ads that do not irritate or mislead potential customers.
• Make sure your banner adverts are placed well, on popular and relevant websites likely to be visited by individuals who are interested in what you have to offer.



These are the ways of effectively promoting your newly created website, Some of the free methods provided above will yield results instantly while some of them might take few weeks or months before you start seeing results.


Also check out our post on blogging to learn why you need to blog to promote your internet business.


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